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Renting Strange Matter is a terrific way to offer your visitors new and exciting science experiences, to attract school groups, and to build your audience. It's cost effective, too!

For available dates, contact International Sales

Rental Information
  • Three versions:
    • 6,000 square foot (465 square meter)
    • 4,500 square foot (418 square meter)
    • 1,500 - 2,000 square foot (139 - 185 square meter)
  • Flexible design to accommodate many types of display areas
  • Multi-station interactive exhibits
  • Includes Education and Programming Guidebook
  • Supported by interactive Web site
  • Includes Maintenance and Technical Manual
  • For rental fee of large version, contact Ontario Science Centre: $90,000 for mid-sized version and $30,000 US for small version, plus inbound shipping
  • Includes a two-person installation and takedown-coordination crew from OSC
  • Requires a maximum of 10 working days for complete installation and takedown

International Sales
770 Don Mills Road
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M3C 1T3
Tel: 416-696-3222
Fax: 416-696-3167

"We enjoyed hosting the Strange Matter exhibition in Boston. It contained a wide range of current science and research, hosted original and clever interactive components, contained information for both adults and young people, and put into context the millenia-long relationship that people have with the materials around them. Great job." - Museum of Science, Boston

Traveling Exhibition Booking Schedule

We invite you to view a list of past Strange Matter bookings.

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