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We have games, experiments, videos and more that tackle the four big things materials scientists study. Click on one of the four images below or scroll down and choose from the list below if you've got something specific in mind! You can also explore activities in our stuff for teachers or stuff for families.

Zoom! Materials Smackdown The Transformer Change-the-World-Challenge
Structure Properties Processing Performance

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  • Activities marked Experiment are an experiment you can try at home!
  • Find a Video to watch a video clip
  • Learn online with info links marked Information


Explore the structure of materials in Zoom.

Information Why aluminum?
Video Why is recycling important?
Information Popular due to its properties
Experiment Electrify your catsup!
InformationVideo How do you get a sharper image?
Information Do you know where your pennies have been?
Information So, what's the big deal about structure?
InformationVideo Seeing the invisible
Video How many atoms equal the width of a human hair?
Information What is an atom?

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Materials Smackdown

Understand the properties of various materials in Materials Smackdown.

Video What makes things strong?

Experiment Build a better hockey puck!

Information What is a foam?
Experiment Make a foamy fire extinguisher!
InformationVideo Foams of the future
Experiment Bake ice cream in your oven!
InformationVideo The cool science of cracks!
Video Watch glass go to pieces
Information Why plastic goes crazy and glass doesn't
InformationVideo Why is glass transparent?

Experiment Play with plastics!
Experiment Make your own Slime!
Video Why ice is really weird stuff
InformationVideo The incredible floating ice boat!

Information Wood is good - for all kinds of things!
Experiment Make your own paper
Video How nature is the best materials scientist

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The Transformer

Learn more about processing materials in The Transformer.
Information What is foam?
Information Aerogels in space!
Experiment Make a foamy fire extinguisher!
Experiment Bake ice cream in your oven!

Carbon Nanotube
Information What can you do with carbon nanotubes?

Video Rocks are not boring!

Information How do you make a synthetic diamond?
Information The skinny on diamond thin films
Video Nature is a material scientist too!
Information How does ferrofluid work?
Experiment Make your own magnetic fluid!
Experiment Move atoms to make magnets!

Information Invar isn't bothered by heat or cold

Inverted Opal
Information Inside-out gems can control light

Information What is a polymer?
Information How is polyethylene put together?
Information Know your recycling symbols
Information Can biodegradable plastic help the environment?
Video Where do all the cell phones go?
Silicon Nanocrystals
Information Under a microscope...
Information Computing at the speed of light
Information Nanocrystals and medicine

Silicon Ingot
Information From sand to your cell phone...
Video The computing power of digital cameras.

Information Steel made you a tougher knight to crack!
Video Human construction materials vs. nature

Wrought Iron
InformationVideo The history of smiths and swordmaking
Video Were cavemen materials scientists?

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Experience the performance of various materials in The Change the World Challenge.

Amorphous Metal
Information How do you make the world's hardest metal?
Information They take strokes off your game
Information They keep surgeons on the cutting edge
Information They help explore space
Information They keep your gadgets safe

Information What are buckyballs?
Information Who discovered buckyballs?
Information The world's smallest soccer ball!
Electronic Ink
Information What is electronic ink?
Video Could this cool new material replace paper?
Video How materials can impact the environment.

Magneto-rheological fluid
Information How can MR fluids keep buildings safe?
Information Can MR fluids bring technology to life?
Information How does MR fluid work?

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