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Bring your class to Strange Matter! It's a great way for students to learn while they have fun. Here's everything you need to make the most of your visit - and plenty of activities you can do even if you can't visit us in person.

Download a Teacher's Guide

Our teacher's guide is focused for grades 5 to 8. It includes background on the exhibition, pre- and post-visit hands-on activities using inexpensive, easy-to-find materials, teaching strategies, a glossary, resource lists and more.

Download the Guide

Explore in Class - Online

Can't visit the exhibition or just want to get started right away?

Your class can investigate materials by exploring four critical aspects of Materials Science:

...or if you've got something specific in mind, jump straight to your favorite stuff.

Featured Demonstration

We'll bring you favorite classroom demos from teachers and researchers across North America. They'll make your materials science lessons come alive!

Featured demo: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Go Deeper!

See how Strange Matter can help you meet curriculum objectives with our Curriculum Connections.

We've also put together lists of web sites, books, and videos to help you go deeper in our other resources.

Demoworks - The Fine Art of Materials Demonstrations

Download 60 pages of over 43 materials science demonstrations. Created by a Yale materials science professor as a teaching resource for her introductory class. Objectives, materials, procedures, explanations and references are provided with each demo.

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